Frequently Asked Questions

How many ways do you cook crabs? Are different varieties of crab cooked differently?

We feature crab in more than a dozen offerings on our menu. We also have a number of customer favorite daily specials that appear on our blackboard from time to time.  Recipes for cooking crab meat apply to almost all species of edible crab, but either the type of crab or part of crab from which the meat is taken may make a difference in color, taste and texture. Crabs must be alive and healthy when cooked. Blue crabs, these delicious denizens of the Atlantic, furnish most of the fresh crab in the market today.

What are soft-shelled crabs?

Soft shell crabs are those who have a freshly-shed shell and are still tender and flexible. The shell remains pliable only a few days. Since almost every part of this soft shell crab is edible, it is usually broiled, steamed or fried.

Lump or back fin meat, taken from the body, is white in color and choice. If taken live, blue crabs fall into two classifications; hard shell and soft shell, which are prepared and eaten quite differently. Hard shell crabs are those caught between their periodic shedding of the shell when it has hardened.

What kinds of crabs do you serve and how do they differ?

Alaskan king crab is the largest and most impressive crab caught in the world. It is unmatched for its abundant meat, sweet flavor, and rich, tender texture. Alaskan king crab is low in fat and calories and it is a light and healthy source of high quality protein.

Snow crab is known for its snowy white meat, which is sweet, tender, and delicately flavored. It mostly is served as a cluster of legs and claws.

Dungeness crab has moist white meat, sweet flavor and flaky texture that lends itself to a wide variety of preparation methods, from the simple to the elegant. It complements pasta, pastry, sauces and salads, but more often than not, it is enjoyed right out of the shell. Not only does Dungeness crab taste great, it is good for you too. It is an excellent source of protein that is both low in fat and calories, and contains less cholesterol than many other popular shellfish.

Did you know? Male Dungeness crab find females by use of pheromone and after mating, the male may remain with the soft shelled female for two days to protect her.

Now that we have talked about the types of crab that we serve, let's talk about our delectable platters. We have the ultimate crab feast and on that platter you will enjoy Alaskan King crab, snow crab, and Dungeness crab, plus our blue crab Maryland style or garlic style.

We also have our original crab house sampler platter. It is a mouthwatering pile of Maryland and garlic style blue crab, snow crab, steamed clams, peel in each shrimp, parsley red potatoes and corn.

How difficult is it to eat whole crabs?

To remove the delicious crab meat, use a butter knife to separate the top of the crab shell from the belly of the Maryland style blue crab. Then gently scrape off the lungs and clean out the inside of the crab. Snap the Maryland style blue crab in half and break its sections and remove the meat with fork or fingers. A wooden mallet may be used lightly to crack the crab shell, being careful not to pound any shell bits into the meat. Remove meat with fork or fingers.

One member of our family doesn’t care for crab but loves shrimp. What shrimp dishes do you serve?

For those of you who love shrimp we have our shrimp tail sampler. On this sampler you'll find peel and eat shrimp, fried or Buffalo style shrimp, and grilled shrimp served with choice of two sides or it can be ordered with fries and coleslaw.

Our shrimp is served many ways. We prepare perfectly steamed peel and eat shrimp and superb grilled shrimp. We also serve delightful Buffalo style shrimp which many guests say are far better than Buffalo wings. Our sauces for the shrimp range from hot to mild could even have garlic on them or my personal favorite garlic teriyaki or create your own by mixing any of them up. Andy even makes a Jamaican jerk sauce that is incredibly wonderful.

Our Crab House menu has lots of choices from the finest seafood to delicious beef to the best chicken dishes to our own wonderful pasta dishes as well as vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. We have something for everyone in your party!

We prepare several traditional Italian specialty dishes that you are sure to enjoy. We have vegetable prima vera, meatball marinara, stuffed shells with crabmeat and four cheeses, sausage, peppers and onions, Mussels fra-Diavolo and a wonderful blue crab marinara. Our Alfredo sauce is our own recipe, made with out flour. We use butter, a little garlic, half-and-half and Parmesan and Romano cheeses. If you want to blend our Alfredo with our Marinara, we call that mezzo-mezzo sauce. Our guests love it.

Landlubbers will love our roast prime rib, 10 or 16 ounce serving. You may also want to enjoy a shaved prime rib sandwich served au jus with our own horseradish sauce plus choice of one side. We also serve a tender chicken breast grilled or blackened or parmesan style. Our Black Angus, fresh ground sirloin burger is flame broiled, to your specification. We have a variety of subs and sandwiches available all day. We have something wonderful for everyone in your party!

What about light-eaters? Do you have anything for guests who prefer a light meal?

Let's talk about our appetizers. You will love the variety and quality. Some guests do enjoy our delicious appetizers as their meal.

We have handmade crab cakes with chunks of crabmeat, peppers, and very little breading. We pan sear them and serve them with our House Special Sauce.

Our clam strips are cut from real clams. Not just breading here. We also serve fresh steamed clams for those who don't care for fried clams.

We serve our meaty chicken wings and chicken tenders with your choices of sauces. We don't batter our wings. They are served with celery, carrots and blue cheese.

We have the tenderest pieces of squid. Even children love our calamari.

We prepare our conch fritters with tender chunks of conch fried in a cornmeal batter. Guests say we serve the best conch fritters in the area!

If you like crab dip, you will love our Eau Gallie River crab dip. It is an amazing blend of roasted poblano peppers, crab meat and artichokes in a cream cheese sauce. It's another of our own creations.

Our delicious shrimp, fish, chicken, or blue crab atop one of our garden fresh salads will make a wonderful light entree.

We have mozzarella sticks that children and adults love. Great to nibble while you decide on your main courses!

Are children welcome?

Yes, of course. We are a family restaurant so we have a children's menu, which we call the minnows menu. For your little ones, we have chicken tenders and fries, hotdog and fries, cod nuggets and fries, cheeseburger and fries, pasta marinara or garlic butter and fries, fried shrimp and fries or macaroni & cheese with fries. If you child doesn't like fries we let you choose one of our many different sides to take its place.

We have several choices in drinks we have coke-a- cola products, lemonade, fresh brewed tea sweet or un-sweet, hot tea and coffee, Milk, chocolate milk, cranberry juice, pineapple juice or orange juice.



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